Powder Kegs

Sorry, this ride is currently closed for maintenance. 

Located within Skeleton Cove, when the ride is activated, the platform rotates and the hubs rotate in the opposite direction to the platform. The combination of the platform slope, hub movement, and weight displacement within the cars cause them to rock back and forth, the oblique join mount and the motion of the ride allowing the cars to rotate through 360°. As such, this attraction has the potential to be one of our more explosive rides, assaulting the pirate senses with a fast, spinning and sometimes dizzying experience.

Due to the forces exerted on this ride, it is not suitable for anyone with back, heart or neck problems, expectant mothers or those having had recent surgery or injury.


You must be 1.3m+ to ride unaccompanied (1.2m+ if accompanied by someone min. 16 years old and 1.3m+)

Powder Kegs at Lightwater Valley

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