Lightwater Valley is located 10 minutes from junction 50 of the A1 motorway, just North of Ripon in the County of North Yorkshire. Exit the A1 motorway at junction 50 and then take the A61 back towards Ripon, followed by the A6108 towards North Stainley.

For those of you with satellite navigation, please use your sat nav to guide you to Ripon (the clocktower) and then follow the brown direction signs to Lightwater Valley which is located between Ripon and the Village of North Stainley. Please do not use our postcode as on some sat nav’s it sometimes directs people to the wrong location.

Lightwater Valley Attractions Ltd, North Stainley, Ripon, North Yorkshire HG4 3HT. Call us on 01765 635321 or email us on [email protected]

Children under the age of 14 MUST be accompanied by an adult (16 years or over).

For safety reasons we do not allow children under 14 years of age to come into the theme park unaccompanied, proof of age may be requested at the admissions booth. Please do not drop children under 14 years of age off unaccompanied at the admissions booths as entry may be refused.


No, all of our tickets are sold as individual tickets Adults (14 years +) and Child (4-13 years) , Under 4's are Free. See our Tickets & Prices section on the website for full details of ticket types.

You can print out your e-ticket and bring it along with you, alternatively if you do not have a printer at home you can simply show it on your phone. Our admissions staff will scan the barcode on your e-ticket on arrival.

A queue buster ticket entitles one person to priority access on any one ride within the park (please note not all rides accept Queue Buster tickets). Ticket must be surrendered at ride. Priority access is still subject to individual ride restrictions, to use your Queue Buster ticket simply use the EXIT lane of your chosen ride, give your ticket to the ride attendant who will then allow you access to the ride area.Please note: When using a Queue Buster ticket you may still have to queue at busy times but you will be using the priority access point so queues will be shorter.

Queue Buster tickets are only available as part of our packages with some 3rd party ticket offers..

Yes, we offer a 10% discount on our entry prices. On the Book Tickets page you can pre-purchase up to 5 discounted tickets at £17.10 each (adults 14 years+) or £11.70 each (child 4-13 years). You must bring your photographic Military/ NHS or Emergency Services ID with you on the day and show this to our admissions staff on entry.

Alternatively, the same 10% discount can be applied against our Pay on the Day rates by showing your relevant ID making entry £21.60 each (adults 14 years+) or £14.40 each (child 4-13 years).

The discounted rate is available for the member of staff plus up to 4 accompanying guests.

Yes we do! Please refer to the disabled access section of this website click here to download full disability access guide.

Please note: unfortunately we do not hire out wheelchairs or mobility scooters on site.

As we are an outdoor attraction there is very little cover within the Theme Park should it be wet and we would advise all guests to be prepared for rain.

There are some rides and attractions that due to health and safety cannot operate in the rain and these are: Ladybird, Flying Cutlass, Wave Rider & Jumpin' Jacks Pillow. These rides may be shut until the rain stops or eases off and will then re-open as soon as possible.

Should there be extreme weather conditions during the day such as heavy rain or strong winds, certain rides and attractions may be temporarily closed in the interests of health and safety. This information will, however, always be communicated as quickly and efficiently as possible to all guests at the entrance to the Theme Park.

Unfortunately, no refunds will be made due to bad weather, however in extreme weather conditions Lightwater Valley may allow you to amend your date or upgrade to a Gift ticket (allowing entry as an open dated ticket) by paying the difference in price

No- Unfortunately due to both safety and hygiene protocol, the Park has a zero tolerance policy on any dogs except for Assistance Dogs. If you are planning on visiting us this summer, please DO NOT leave your dogs in your vehicle unattended due to the lack of shade. Any cases of animals remaining locked in a vehicle will be dealt with by both the RSPCA and the Police who are authorised to carry out a seizure of the animal, even if property damage is required. Lightwater Valley cannot be held responsible for any damage caused under such circumstances.

Assistance Dog owners must provide recognised documentation in order to gain access and the dogs must be wearing the appropriate collars/ vests.

Our 175 acre site provides free parking for all guests, regardless of whether you arrive in a coach, a minibus or a car! There are parking bays close to the entrance booths for our guests with Blue Badge disabled parking permits.

Yes- The park is served by the 159 Dales & District service from Ripon which stops in the car park, however this is a very limited service so it is advisable to check timings with the bus company in advance getdown.org.uk

PLEASE NOTE: During our quieter months of April, May, September & October when the theme park closes at 4.30pm the bus will not pick up inside the theme park, you will need to make your way to the entrance gate and wait for the bus on the opposite side of the main road.

No- Unfortunately, the Park is not currently able to offer camping or accommodation, but can recommend local accommodation and camping. Our Nearest Campsite is Sleningford Watermill which is located just outside West Tanfield which is approximately 2.5 miles from the park. Additionally, there is Riverside Meadows Caravan Park in Ripon. Please check our "Where to stay" section on the website for details of campsites and hotels/ b&b's

No- all of our disabled rates include one free essential companion ticket. If the disabled guest has the correct documentation (DLA/ PIP letter or Blue Badge) then a disabled rate will be given and the essential companion will enter free of charge.

PLEASE NOTE: The essential companion must be at least 16 years old, and in the view of Lightwater Valley, able to take primary responsibility during emergencies and decision making. The essential companion is required to sit within the same carriage,boat, seat or row as the disabled guest they are assisting.

Yes- we do not have a non-riding ticket. All visitors who enter the park have to pay the relevant entrance fee, unless they are under the age of 4.

We are an outdoor attraction set in the North Yorkshire countryside. This, combined with many of our visitors enjoying picnics, ice creams and fizzy drinks throughout the day means that at certain times of the year we do have an increased number of wasps on site. We do our utmost to control these numbers humanely but please be aware that there is a chance of wasp stings. If you are stung by a wasp please visit our Visitor information office where they keep a supply of wasp and insect sting relief spray which visitors are more than welcome to use.


The park opens at 10am, with some rides towards the back of the park opening at 10.30am.

Please visit our website for up to date opening days and times, these can be found on our Calendar

Our closing time is dependent on the time of year and is always decided on the day taking into consideration how many visitors are booked in and weather conditions. During the busy school holiday dates we usually close between 5.00pm and 5.30pm. On weekend only dates in April, May, June, September and October our close time is usually 4.30pm (please note that this can be 4.00pm during weekends in early October).

Please note: Out of season events such as Fab Feb Family Fun have different opening/ closing times, please see the Events page on our website for details.

Yes - Tesco Days Out Vouchers can be used to purchase tickets but only on the day of your visit (Online bookings are not allowed using Tesco vouchers).

Tesco Days Out Vouchers can only be redeemed against our standard ticket rate of £24.00 (adult 14 years+) or £16.00 (child 4-13 years) and disabled tickets. They cannot be used to pay for any other concessionary or discounted tickets.

Tesco Clubcard vouchers cannot be used on special event days such as Fab Feb Family Fun and are only valid when the full park is open.

No, if you book your tickets online by midnight the night before your visit, the price is cheaper (please note that a £2.50 booking fee applies to all online bookings, this is per booking not per ticket)

Please note: online bookings cannot be made on the same day as your visist.

Click here to book tickets.

On some occasions we do have times when rides are not operational for various reasons and as per our booking conditions we reserve the right to alter or change the programmes of rides and attractions if at any time it is deemed necessary to do so. When this is necessary we list the rides at our admissions desk so that customers are made aware as soon as possible. In the event of a ride being non-operational for a longer period of time we will post this on our website and encourage customers to check this, call us if they want to confirm that a particular ride/s is open.

Lightwater Valley Attractions Ltd accepts payment by all major credit and debit cards (except American Express) at our admissions booths. Likewise, the majority of our retail outlets accept payment by all major credit and debit cards (except American Express). The on-park catering outlets that currently have the facility to take payment by card are; Hungry Harbour, Eats N Treats, Munchbox, Ultimate Snacks/Ices, Soft Play Cafe, Sweet Treats & Indoor play area . We also accept contactless payments and Apple Pay at any of our outlets that accept card payments. Our games stalls accept cash payment only.

Yes - We have two cash ATM's within the park, one situated in the building opposite the Jurassic Adventure Golf next to the admissions booths and one situated in Visitor Information, however as this is a 3rd party machine there is a small fee (£1.85) for cash withdrawals.

Yes- You can leave the park to go back to your vehicle during the day. All you need to do is to get your hand stamped by the staff on the exit gate where you came in before you leave and then show the stamp upon return to the Park.

No, however a number of our front-line personnel are fully trained in the provision of first responder first-aid and carry basic medical kits with them at all times.

If you discover that you have lost an item of personal property within the Park, please report to the Visitor Information office located at the entrance to the Park in Market Square. Alternatively, call us on 01765 635321, email us on [email protected] or fill out the contact us form on this website. All items of lost property that are found or handed in are taken to the Visitor Information office to be logged and we always do our utmost to ensure that every item is reunited with its owner.

Yes- All visitors are welcome to bring their own food and drink onto the site and we have various areas where you can enjoy your food, including a large grassy area by the Ultimate and in the Fairground. The park does however discourage visitors from consuming their own food and drink within all catering outlets, including Eats 'n' Treats, Hungry Harbour and our indoor Soft Play centre.

PLEASE NOTE: We are a family attraction and as such we do not allow alcohol to be consumed within the park. Management reserve the right to ask anyone found consuming alcohol to stop immediately. Failure to do this may result on visitors being asked to leave the park.

All of our maps are easily accessible to the public and are available from our admissions booths or Visitor Information office.

Queue times will vary depending on the time of year, the popularity of the ride in question and the amount of guests we have in the park at any given time. Please phone 01765 635321 to check which days we expect to be busy or refer to the calendar of opening dates on this website (busy days with school children are highlighted).

We always advise our guests not to bring bags or valuable items with them into the park. In the interests of health and safety, bags and loose items are not allowed on any of the rides and attractions within the park. Likewise, Lightwater Valley does not accept any responsibility for loss or theft of articles brought into the Park or left unattended whilst on a ride or at anytime.

For your convenience, lockers are available in the theme park entrance building (subject to availability and a small charge).

Disabled visitors who have a recognised medical condition which prevents them from being able to stand for prolonged periods of time and would cause unnecessary discomfort or distress may be able to receive a preferential ride wristband which allow access to the rides via separate entry points. Preferential wristbands will only be issued on production of the relevant documentation, this must be in the form of a letter from a consultant or GP which clearly states that you are unable to queue and the reason why or a  DLA/PIP letter showing higher rate mobility or medium/ high rate care.


A preferential wrsitband will be given to the disabled guest and their essential companion (min age 16)

Those with preferential wristbands must be accompanied on the ride by their essential companion at all times who must be seated in the same car/boat/seat.

Click here for our full Disabled Access policy and Preferential Ride Access Wristband scheme.

PLEASE NOTE: During busy times/ days we cannot guarantee that those wearing preferential wristbands will not have to queue, however the length of time spent queuing will be less.


Yes- The park endeavours to provide a safe and welcoming environment for all visitors of all abilities and ages. Unfortunately, due to the nature of the theme park, there are no areas which are particularly quiet on the actual site.

If you believe that your child is tall enough for a ride but have been declined by a ride operator, you can visit our Visitor Information Office where our staff will officially measure your child and give you proof to show to ride operators if your child is in fact tall enough.

PLEASE NOTE: all of our rides have height restrictions which are set by the ride manufacturer and the theme park regulations set out by the British Standards Institute for health and safety reasons. Our ride staff must stick to these guidelines and Lightwater Valley will not tolerate any physical or verbal abuse to their staff from visitors who may not agree with this policy.

The Park currently has one inverted ride (rides that go upside down), Black Pearl. In addition, Lightwater Valley has two rides that have a swing of over 180 degrees, these are The Eagles Claw and the Flying Cutlass.

Yes- Within reason. You can ride any ride that you wish but please be prepared that you may be advised not to ride a particular ride by an operator if they feel there is an unacceptable risk to your safety or the safety of others. Any medical restrictions will be advised on the board at the entrance to each ride, please see our Disabled Access Guide for more details, click here to view.

Please note: if you are disabled and have a preferential ride access wristband then you must be accompanied by your essential companion on every ride.

It is entirely up to the discretion of the ride operator, whether you are allowed to ride. (Please be advised that you may be asked not to ride as it may have a negative impact on your injury due to the extreme forces involved.). It may not be possible to go on rides where you need to grip the safty bar, more details can be found in our Disabled Access Guide, click here for details.

The Park has a strict policy on the use of cameras on rides as they can pose a safety risk if not secured properly. Go Pro's can only be used with prior arrangement and consent and only if fitted to a chest harness. The harness MUST be inspected by our ride staff before the rider will be allowed to use it.

Lightwater Valley cannot be held responsible for any loss or damage of cameras/ phones etc if taken onto a ride.

No- Under no circumstances is it safe or possible to retrieve items lost under or within the footprints of rides as it is extremely dangerous. If you do lose an item on a ride, please notify the operator immediately after getting off and they will notify Visitor Information of the lost item. Visitor Information will contact a Team Leader to retrieve the item at the earliest opportunity. Alternatively, once the park is closed for the evening, the item will be retrieved and taken to Visitor Information who will await your enquiry and arrange either pickup or delivery.

Feedback is very important to us so if you pop into our Visitor Information Office, they will take your comments and feed them back to the relevant department.

If you have a complaint and require a response please visit our Contact Us page, complete an email which will be forwarded to the relevant head of department who will investigate and endeavour to respond within 7 working days.

Click here to view our Customer Charter

Lightwater Valley can offer educational talks before school groups enter the theme park on a range of topics such as; The science of a rollercoaster, Marketing & Social media, Business studies and Employability. The talks last approximately 45 minutes and a small additional charge is made for these. Please contact us on 01765 635321 to enquire about these.

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