The Ultimate

The Ultimate is the 2nd longest rollercoaster in the world. It used to be top of this list but was overtaken by Steel Dragon in Japan a number of years ago. 

Steel Dragon 2000 - 8,133 Feet

The Ultimate 7,442 Feet

The Ultimate is therefore now the longest in Europe.

Saver Tickets

Pre-booked online Saver tickets offer a theme park entry rate of £22.00 per person for all guests over 1.3m in height, £14.00 per person for all guests 1m- 1.3m in height, £8.00 per person for all guests Under 1m in height, £20.00 per person for disabled guests Over 1.3m in height (plus free carer), £14.00 per person for all disabled guest 1m-1.3m in height (plus free carer) which represents a £2.00 saving (based on our full-price pay-on-the-day tickets).

Pre-booked online tickets must be booked 24 hours in advance of the visit date. Booking online guarantees a reduced entry rate not a "fast track" entry and as such you may need to queue at our admissions booths to enter the park.

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