Trauma Tower

Ride restrictions: You must be 1.3m+ to ride (1.0m+ if accompanied by someone min. 16 years old and 1.3m+)

This ‘drop tower’ is not as traumatic as it sounds, but don’t be fooled as it punches well above its weight with a good mix of tension, thrills and air time. The ride’s biggest strength is undoubtedly its unpredictability, in that you never know when the next drop is coming, so the anticipation is always enjoyable.

As with most tower rides, riders may get a tingly sensation in their stomach, otherwise known as butterflies, which is excellent training for our bigger attractions!

Due to the forces exerted on this ride, it is not suitable for anyone with back, heart or neck problems, expectant mothers or those having had recent surgery or injury.

Customers with excessive height or chest measurements may struggle to access this attraction and may be asked to disembark.

Trauma Tower Tip: Don’t follow the herd, make Trauma Tower your first ride of the day to beat the crowds.


Due to the new theme park guidelines from the British Standards Institute (BS EN13814-1) regarding ride accessibility, Lightwater Valley have reviewed its operating procedures and as a result some ride height restrictions have been amended accordingly.

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