Our Ladybird coaster has introduced many a junior thrill-seeker to the fantastic sensation of having the wind in their hair as they dip, twist and turn their way around our ladybird track! Don’t be fooled though as this ride is a little faster and scarier than you think when you’re sitting in the front seat!

Many of our Ladybird riders graduate to the larger rides when they’ve reached the required height measurement, with this being a great introduction to the roller coasting world.

Due to the forces exerted on this ride, it is not suitable for anyone with back, heart or neck problems, expectant mothers or those having had recent surgery or injury.


You must be 1.3m+ to ride unaccompanied (1.1m+ if accompanied by someone min. 16 years old and 1.3m+)

The Ladybird at Lightwater Valley

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