Flying Cutlass

Ride restrictions: You must be 1.4m+ to ride.

The Elizabethan era is widely regarded as the golden age of pirates, where the sight of a Jolly Roger on the high seas would instantly strike fear into the hearts of many a trusty crew.

Part of our landmark Skeleton Cove development and located adjacent to Skull Rock, The Flying Cutlass provides traditional pirate-themed family fun for guests of all ages. Whilst not as hair-raising as The Black Pearl , this ride still gives a good amount of air time and plenty of ‘butterfly in the stomach’ moments.

Due to the forces exerted on this ride, it is not suitable for anyone with back, heart or neck problems, expectant mothers or those having had recent surgery or injury.

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Due to the new theme park guidelines from the British Standards Institute (BS EN13814-1) regarding ride accessibility, Lightwater Valley have reviewed its operating procedures and as a result some ride height restrictions have been amended accordingly.

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