The Black Pearl

The Black Pearl forms the centrepiece of our landmark Skeleton Cove pirate-themed area and is unusual amongst modern pirate ships in that it rotates through 360 degrees. The Black Pearl provides awesome views of the park (for those who are brave enough to keep their eyes open) and a very unique ride experience.

Visible from most areas of the park, this 85 foot attraction is one of only a handful of rides within Lightwater Valley that actually turns you fully upside down. Having more than a passing resemblance to a traditional Pirate Ship, this boat shaped ride swings back and forth, not by the traditional way of a set of tyres below the boat, but with a huge, powerful motor at the top of the central arm.

As the ride picks up momentum, she turns a full 360 degrees before doing the same in reverse.

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Ride Restrictions: Riders must be 1.4m or above to ride unaccompanied. (Anyone 1.3m - 1.4m can ride but must be accompanied 1:1 with a responsible person 1.5m or above in height).

Black Pearl ride

Ride Type

  • Amazing Rides

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