Skate Karts

This is an extremely unusual attraction which allows riders to clamber aboard a Skate Kart and hurtle around our downhill, twisting track with a crazy grin on their faces.

The ride is verging on achieving cult status amongst enthusiast groups and, whilst it may look mundane and old fashioned to the untrained eye, it is immense fun for guests of all ages and is especially enjoyable if you’re in a large group.

Located in an area of the park that plays host to Raptor Attack, Apollo, Ultimate and Twister, this ride punches well above its weight in terms of outright fun.

Ride Restrictions: Riders must be over 1.0m in height. No loose articles of clothing as these can get caught in the wheels and damaged. We recommend that long sleeved tops and long trousers are worn whilst riding Skate Karts as scrapes and scratches may occur as a result of non-skilled riders.


Adult supervision required for under 7's

Skate Karts at Lightwater Valley

Ride Type

  • Family Fun & Attractions


  • Minimum Height: 1.0m

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