Raptor Attack

Ride restrictions: You must be 1.3m+ to ride.

Widely regarded as one of the best dark rides in the United Kingdom, Raptor Attack is themed around an abandoned mineshaft and offers a completely immersive, underground ride experience.

Guests queue above ground, but are despatched in small groups to explore the dark tunnels of this long abandoned mining operation. On reaching the ride platform deep underground, guests are then asked to board a mine cart to further explore this strange subterranean world.

Due to the forces exerted on this ride, it is not suitable for anyone with back, heart or neck problems, expectant mothers or those having had recent surgery or injury.

Customers with excessive height or chest measurements may struggle to access this attraction.

Raptor tip: Watch out for the last Raptor as it’s more menacing than its brethren and has someone in its claws.



Due to the new theme park guidelines from the British Standards Institute (BS EN13814-1) regarding ride accessibility, Lightwater Valley have reviewed its operating procedures and as a result some ride height restrictions have been amended accordingly.

Raptor Attack ride

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