Lightwater Express Train

This miniature express train takes you around the perimeter of the valley, so it lets you sample all the sights, sounds and adventures that our awesome park has to offer.

Our engine driver runs a very prompt and efficient service, with the train taking approximately 20 minutes to complete one lap of the park, so make sure you arrive at the various platforms around the park with time to spare.

Ultimate Tip: All passengers are asked to disembark at the platform adjacent to mainline station, so if you want to complete an uninterrupted lap of the park we recommend boarding the Lightwater Express at the Fairground station.


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You must be 1.3m+ to ride unaccompanied (under 1.3m can ride if accompanied by someone min. 16 years old and 1.3m+)

The Lightwater Valley Express train at Lightwater Valley

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