A popular Victorian ride for everyone from children to adults, Choose to ride on one of our many horses… there might even be one with your name.

Without a doubt, the most iconic fairground ride of all time, the Carousel (or Merry-go-round as it is often called) is a true family favourite enjoyed and remembered by young and old. Always an eye-catching attraction, the Carousel has entertained crowds at fairgrounds since the reign of Queen Victoria, and the history of this wonderful ride goes back even further when person power or mules turned the rides as the public enjoyed their fun.

Ride Restrictions:

Unaccompanied riders must be a minimum of 1.2m to ride the horses.
Passengers 1.0m - 1.2m tall must be accompanied 1:1 by a responsible person 1.5m in height or above
Passengers under 1.0m must be accompanied by a responsible person 1.5m in height or above and in a chariot.

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Ride Type

  • Family Fun & Attractions

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