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Our pricing is based on height rather than age as we believe this is the fairest way to set our payment structure. It also marries perfectly with the guideline height restrictions in our mini (under one metre in height), mega (over one metre in height) and ultimate (over 1.3 metres in height) adventure ride categories.

For our mini adventurers, run wild on the UK’s largest Angry Birds Activity Park, incorporating all the characters you know and love, jump aboard one of our Eagle’s Creek Farm tractors for a fun and entertaining journey around our farmyard and head to the Lightwater Falconry Centre to see over 50 amazing raptors, including Owls and Eagles, and watch spectacular flying shows!

For our mega adventurers, explore the swashbuckling world of Skeleton Cove and climb aboard The Flying Cutlass for some tummy tickling fun before spinning around on the Pirate Swinger and boarding speedy Skull Rock. Lightwater Valley can be a little wet ‘n’ wild when you climb into your dinghy and take a splastastic turn on our Wild River Rapids, or dare to enter one of the three giant water chutes that are the Falls of Terror.

For our ultimate adventurers, catapult to dizzying heights aboard Whirlwind, a typhoon of screams that’ll twist even the bravest of souls, and hurtle through some of our deepest, darkest forest aboard Europe’s longest roller coaster – The Ultimate. Venture into the mysterious subterranean world of Raptor Attack’s abandoned mineshaft and ‘take to the skies’ in the powerful grip of the Eagle’s Claw.

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The Ultimate – Lightwater Valley